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Smart phones and mobile devices such as tablets are now one of the most popular carried devices that we use on a daily basis around the world.

Now is a perfect time to develop an app for your brand.

There is a huge opportunity for companies to raise their brand awareness using a tailored app that promotes their brand and crosses the gender and social / economic divide. Having a fun interactive game or edutainment title can help put your brand in front of a world audience using the phenomena of social and viral networking.

Apps and mobile games also offer the opportunity of harnessing a new revenue stream through product placement and streaming adverts, all of which can generate additional revenue for your business.

Symbue develops apps using a stable and bullet proof 3D engine that offers fast prototyping, high quality visuals and real world physics. Using the inbuilt cross platform features we can switch development from Android to IOs to Windows platforms with minimum delay allowing your brand the opportunity to reach billions of people.

"Data indicates that Android has 1.4 billion 30-day active users globally and Apple has sold over 1 billion devices worldwide"
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