"Responsive" web sites

Responsive websites

A website is an extension of your business, it defines you and reflects your company values.
We design beautiful websites using our knowledge and practical experience.

We are equally comfortable supplying you with a design only service, or working from your designs to produce responsive HTML.

Why have a responsive website?
A responsive website adjusts to fit on a desktop screen, laptop or mobile device. People are using mobile devices more and more, they are pervasive. Your customers are constantly on the move, most will have a mobile device with them to search the internet and retrieve their emails.

If you own a shop or restaurant the chances are that your customers will want to find your details quickly whilst on the move, this is where a responsive website helps we can tailor the content displayed utilising the screen space for each device.

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"A Google survey indicated that 48% of people thought if a site displayed badly on their mobile device it left them with the impression that the company didn’t care about their customers"
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